How to make hand wash| 3 Steps to prepare soap wash at home

Make your own hand wash at home

We all are aware of this situation going around the globe. A deadly virus has been spread all around the world which can travel to you by any way possible if you come contact with the infected person. To avoid being trapped by this disease we have to wash our hand more frequently. 

Clean hand not only saves you from corona virus but also removes unwanted dirt and other bacteria. Cleaning your hand frequently is very good habit and should be done by everyone.

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But the problem arises when you come to know that your hand consumption is costing you far more that you expected. May be your family consists of more member and require more that enough bottle of hand wash. 

Now what to do at that situation?

The answer to this question is, you can make your hand wash at your home easily.

Just follow the steps given below and you will get your own hand wash at home.

To prepare hand wash you need
  • Any Soap
  • Glycerine
  • water
1) Step 1: Grate


Grate one soap very finely with the use of grater or grinder. Take soap of your choice which you find helpful.

2) Step 2: Boil


Add 2 small spoon of glycerine and 2 cup water to the grated soap. After that let it boid for 10-15 min. Glycerine will help you to make your skin smooth and avoid dryness.

3) Step 3: Cool Down


After boiling for 15 min. Let it cool down. As soon as the soap water cool down fill it to any bootle having spray cap. Shake it before use.

Home made hand wash

This home made hand wash will help you to get rid of germs and virus from your hand. This might not work same as you buy from the market but it is effective to prevent you from germs. 

This will save your money, work as hand wash  as well as easy to make. 

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