Corona Remedies: Covid-19 Vaccine Update

We all are aware of the situation from which the whole world is suffering from. A global pandemic has burst out of nowhere and has been destroyed many lives, countries as well as global economy. This is a kind of virus that emerges  once in a century. So far this virus has destroyed every aspects of mankind. 

The more dangerous point regarding this virus is that it does not have a specific vaccine or drug of its own. Doctor are treating the infected people with the combination of many other drug intended to cure different diseases.

But now the question arises, Does corona has any remedy? To know the answer of this question read the article till the end.


The answer to this question is yes. The only remedy for corona virus is 'precautions'. Scientist are working day and night to create vaccine for this disease but till now no one has successfully reported for the same. Although many countries claimed that they have found the vaccine but no vaccine has till now worked as required. 

So for now there is no medical remedy for corona virus but we hope soon we will come up with one. But till then what to do?

So the answer to this question is 'Precautions, Precautions, Precautions'. 

Below are mentioned some of the precautionary measure which can help you to stay away from this virus.

Corona Remedies

Some of the steps which you can take to avoid corona are.

1. Wear Mask

Corona spread through sneezing, cough or any other way when an infected and non-infected person meet.
To avoid inhaling virus through your mouth or nose, do wear face mask whenever you go outdoors. This will reduce the chance of infection.

2. Maintain 2 Meter Gap

Secondly, this virus can not travel in air but can be transferred through sneezing or shaking hands. To avoid this many guidelines has been provided in which it is mentioned that we should maintain 2 m gap from person to person. Follow this guideline because if unfortunately encounter any infected person then you must maintain distance.

3. Don't touch anything

Corona can stay on any surface for a long time. The person infected by corona can contaminate any surface he touches, that surface may contaminated for a long time. If you come in contact with these places it will make you infected. Thus avoid touching things, or anything unless required.

4. Use sanitizer

Always keep one sanitizer with you whenever you go out. Wash your hand frequently when ever feels like. This will kill germs from your hand and avoid infection and diseases.

5. Eat homemade food

Avoid food from outside or someone's house as they might be unhygienic. Foods from shops might be contaminated by any other person which can travel to you and cause a problem. Thus avoid food from outside and take a healthy diet of your own house.

6. Avoid touching nose, eyes, mouth

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth because this organs act as an gateway for the virus to enter your body. If you have mistakenly touch a surface containing virus and after that if you will touch your mouth or nose then there is chance that the virus can enter your body. So please do avoid touching your nose, mouth or eyes.

7. Stay Indoor

The last and the most important, STAY INDOOR. This virus only spread by human interaction. Thus if you will not go out or contact anyone infected. It is not possible yo get infected. So do avoid going out of house unnecessarily. Go out only when it is compulsory other wise stay home.

Remember one thing, do not take any medicine related to corona unless prescribed by doctors. Stay home, Stay safe. If we will stay inside and follow the rules then we can win this war against corona. Be thankful to our doctors, police personnel and our cleaners. Help those in need. Thank You. checkout our other posts too "Ebola Outbreak 2020"

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