We are corona free: 9 countries reported| June 2020|

Nine Countries reported victory against corona virus

Corona Virus has spread all over the world and had troubled every human being on the planet. Number of cases is been growing every single day and is matter of concern. Some reported that it started from china, some from america and much more. But the exact information is still not out. 

There is no relief from corona from any part of the world but some of the nations have declared themselves as corona free. These nation have won against the novel COVID-19



These countries have reported them as corona free.

  • New Zealand-               on 8 june 2020
  • Tanzania -                     on 7 june 2020
  • Vatican -                        on 6 june 2020
  • Fiji -                                on 5 June 2020
  • Montenegro-                on 24 may 2020
  • St. Kitts & Nevis -         on 19 may 2020
  • Seychelles -                   on 18 may 2020
  • Timor - Leste                on 15 may 2020
  • Papua New Guinea     on 04 may 2020
These all nations have not witnessed any new cases from one week or more. Which makes them more confident on themselves to declare them as corona free. Kudos to all these nations on their victory against the novel COVID-19. 

But the point to be noticed is that, this country have very less population. That might be the main reason reason why they won the game. These countries have reported very less number of infected cases ranging from 24 in Timor - Leste to Over 1500 in New Zealand. But what about the countries having large population like India, China, USA and much more. It would be quite difficult for them as compared to these countries because they have reached to a high number in infected people as well as casualities. 

USA being at the top of the list has reported around 20lakh+ cases followed by Brazil 7lakh+ cases. The situation is getting worst day by day as the number is kept increasing exponentially. 

Hope this virus would end soon and the world will again take a sense of relief. Take a look at our other article on corona remedies.

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