How to remove Stretch marks - 6 Ways to treat your skin

How to get rid of stretchmarks?

Stretchmarks, One of the major issues for pregnent women and also to the gym persons. Stretch marks are the result of rapidly overstretching of skin abruptly. This means that when our skin experience stretch while exercising or during pregnancies, it creates access collagen (a protein which forms connecting tissue) resulting in formation of stretchmarks. 

Remove Stretchmarks

Following are the ways which can help you to get rid of stretchmarks. 

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation removes the unwanted skin from the stretch marks and make the other treatment work efficiently. The obstacle dead skin are removed so that the other treatment can work properly. This treatment combined with other can help in reduction of stretchmarks.


This is done on the upper layer of skin and works by tightening of the elastic fiber and stimulating collagen. It is painless process of removing stretchmarks from the body.

This remove the dead skin from the upper layer of the skin with the use of tiny crystalline droplet of exfoliating compound. It can be carried out multiple times for effective results.

3. Microneedling

This is carried out in the middle layer of the skin, where dermis is found, it is done with use of needle by which it generates the formation of collagen and helps in the regeneration of the connecting tissue. This it the layer where the stretchmarks are formed. 

This process might be little painful but it is considered as the mast effective way to treat stretchmarks. For better result it can be carried out multiple times in one month.

4. Laser Surgery

Laser Surgery is another effective ways to treat stretchmarks. It uses laser technology to deep penetrate laser in your skin and maker the regeneration of skin faster and balanced. It activates the collagen in you skin and helps in proper formation of tissues.

5. Cosmetic Surgery

This is quite expensive and also quite risky as surgery can leave its own scars and also it can result in certain side effects. But the fact is, it can permanently remove your stretchmarks. 

There are multiple surgery treatment available depending upon the needs and prescribed by the doctors. Cosmetic surgery removes the unwanted skin as well as the fat from abdomen and makes you look slim.

6. Tropical Treatment

This is the method in which external cosmetic and products are applied to the stretchmarks to make it fade or go away with time. 

 This is considered as the best way to remove stretchmarks as it does not required and machine treatment and generally does not has side effects. Some of the products can be used by yourself and some are prescribed by the doctors. Below are mentioned some of the best products to remove stretchmarks.

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Thats it. Hope this article helps you to get rid of stretchmarks. You can let us know about your opinion in comment section below. Check out our other posts too. 

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