Ebola Virus 2020: About Ebola, Transmission, Death Rate

Ebola Outbreak: Democratic Republic of Congo

Ebola Virus was originated in 1976, near Ebola river in Congo. Since then it is a matter of great concern in congo as well as in the world. Ebola has emerged after time to time leading sudden outbreak in many african african countries.

The last time ebola virus emerged on 23 march 2014 and after that it started spreading rapidly and ended up on march 2015. The last known case was recorded on 27 march 2015. 

Ebola Virus

Now in 2020, again an outbreak of Ebola virus has been detected in northwest Democratic republic of congo. Till now the ministry of health has revealed that 6 new cases has been detected so far, of which 4 patients have died and 2 are under treatment. Congo has so far faced 11th outbreak of this deadly virus since its birth. According to reports of WHO, new patients can be identified related to this virus. 

During the last outbreak of Ebola in 2014, around 28,637 cases were reported from six countries Liberia, Sierra Leone, US, Guinea, Nigeria and Mali. Among these 28,637 cases, 11,315 people lost their life. 

Ebola Virus Transmission

As Corona virus, Ebola Virus transmit through human interaction or contact with contaminated surface. The main source of transmission is fluid, blood or vomit from the infected body. Ebola virus can also last long on some surfaces and become the source of infection.

How Ebola Kills

This virus enters the human body and starts affecting the cells making them to die of explode. It degrades the immune system of your body, makes organ non-working and make your body bleed inside. 

Can Ebola be Cured?

There is no specific antidote for this virus till date but there are many researches going on to produce vaccine for Ebola Virus. Also many other drugs seems to be effective against this deadly virus which are used when any new patient is detected. 

Ebola Virus Death Rates

The death rate or fatality rate of ebola virus is very high which makes this virus more deadly. The average death rate of ebola ebola is 50%, it has been noticed around 25% to 90% in different regions and in different outbreaks.

Ebola Virus in India

No such cases of ebola virus has been reported in India. It seems that no cases will be reported in future of ebola because India does not have any record with this particular virus. Moreover in this situation of Corona Virus, every person as well as government is strict regarding the interaction of people which lowers the risk of ebola to enter India. But precaution is better than cure, So be alert.


This was the information about Ebola which has been detected in Congo. At the end, I want to conclude by saying that, These epidemics like Corona Virus or Ebola Virus are too dangerous. The only way to tackle these is to be careful. Maintain social distance, Follow guidelines, avoid handshakes and stay at home. 

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