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Chhattisgarh Coronavirus Update

In Chhattisgarh, five new patients have been found in the state since this morning. Two patients were found in Bilaspur and one each in Jagdalpur, Mahasamund and Durg districts. On Thursday, 29 new Karenna positive patients were identified. In which 11 patients have been found from district Mungeli, 08 from Jashpur, four from Bilaspur, three from Kanker, two from Raigad and one from Koria. There are a total of 315 active corona affected patients in the state. AIIMS Raipur has 88 patients, Covid Hospital in mana has 94 patients, Covid Hospital Bilaspur has 52 patients, Medical College Hospital Ambikapur has 24 patients, Medical College Raigarh 19, Medical College Rajnandgaon 34 and Medical College Jagdalpur have four patients.


Today 5 new corona positive patients were identified, 2 from district Bilaspur and 1-1 from Jagdalpur, Mahasamund and Durg, 1 corona patient was identified from Mungeli district last night. The total number of active patients in the state was 321.

So far, a total of 61771 probable persons of Karena virus have been identified and tested in the state. So far, 59585 results have been received negative and 1788 investigations are on. A total of 3933 samples were screened at IRL Raipur so far.

Recently 49614 people from other states or overseas travel back to Haem Quarantine. There are a total of 19216 quarantine centers in the state, with a total capacity of 706416. Of these, a total of 203581 people are currently placed in quarantine.

Today, 323 passengers returned from other states to Chhattisgarh traveling by interstate flight. Today, a total of 724 laborers returned to Chhattisgarh in the train. Arrangements have been made at different quarantine centers for everyone to stay quarantined for 14 days after the health test.

All the new patients found in Mungeli, Jashpur, Raigarh, Bilaspur and Kanker are said to have returned workers from outside. Here they were kept in quarantine centers. It is here that during his investigation the report came back positive. All patients have been admitted to the hospital. Also, the place of meeting new patients has been declared as the Containment Zone and the movement of people there has been banned. Sanitization work is going on in these areas and the identity of the people in contact with the patients is also being investigated.

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