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How to Boost Immune System

Do you know why we fall sick? or what is the reason behind our weakness? 

Well today we will be talking about a system which safeguards your body from the external bacteria and viruses. Let's take a look at what is an Immune system ?


What is Immune System? 

Immunity of human body refers the ability to resist the attack from foreign bacteria and viruses. The immune system of our body safeguard us by fighting with the unwanted foreign bacterias.  But it has certain limits which differs from person to person. Different people have different capacity to resist the attack of foreign bacterias. 

Why Do we fall sick?

The ability of immune system depends from person to person. When our body is not capable of fighting with the external bacterias and viruses, we fall sick and thus need antibodies and external medicine to boost our immune system and tackle the diseases. But there are certain ways through which a person can boost his immunity naturally. Let's look at some of the ways to boost immunity naturally. 

How to boost immunity or immune system?

Here are some ways through which you can Boost you immune system naturally.

1) Exercise

Exercise is a medicine for many diseases, it provides many advantages to a persons body. Exercise boost your immunity and also helps you immune cells to regenerate frequently. Modern exercise tends to be more effective to boost immunity is human body when carried out regularly.

2) Sleep Well

Proper sleep is very much necessary for a healthy human body and for a healthy mind. Proper sleep also boosts your immunity and helps you to fight unwanted sickness. A normal person needs 8 hours of sleep, An aged person requires 7 hours of sleep, and an infant requires 14 hours of sleep.

3) Get Immunity booster Drinks

There are certain drinks which are helpful to boost your immunity and make your immune system work properly. These drinks provide you vital nutrients which are effective to build a healthy immune system. One of thr drink is " Giloy Juice ".

4) Limit suger intake

Refined carbs and sugar tends to make you obese and overweight which is home for many heart diseases, Diabetis, arthritis and much more. Sugar is an enemy of human body from many point of view. you can use Jaggery or honey in place of sugar to meet you needs.

5) Eat Proper Food

Proper eating is very necessary for a human being, not just regard to immunity but also for being healthy. Proper and healthy eating provides you proper nutrients which your body wants. It provide proper vitamin and minerals which is needed by the body.

6) Hydrated

Hydration is key solution for many diseases and problems. Dehydration leads to headache, constipation, 
digestion, mood and overall body performance. Drinking water properly will make your body more energetic and healthy. It also helps in losing fat. Water can be taken more often because it does not contain any nutrients and chemicals. Limit other hydrating drinks as they may contain high level of sugar or any other nutrients which may cause imbalance.

7) Stay Stress free

Stress can be dangerous if it continues for long. Stress can lead to mental illness, health issue, hairfall, weight gain. Stress can also affect immune cell and degrade your overall immune system efficiency. Manage your stress level as it is origin of many diseases. 

8) Check you Nutrients Intake

Most importantly, have a check on your nutrient intake. Hormonal and nutrients imbalance may give birth tomto diseases. Have proper nutrient intake to avoid unwanted imbalance. Moreover their are certain supplement which can cure minor problem within your body like garlic, ginger can be used to ger rid of cough. Vitamin C , Vitamin D are necessary for our body which can be obtained by Sunlight.

At last, We have seen some of Ways to boost immune system naturally. These factors can help you to tackle mild attacks by foreign bacterias and viruses but sometimes it becomes necessary to visit doctor and have external medical support. Hope this article helped you. And please be safe, avoid social distancing, we have to fight against corona virus and we will together do it.
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