How to grow hair faster: 13 tips to get long hair

How to grow hair faster

how-do-grow-hair-fasterShe may have been born with it, it may have been a smart hair care routine. For some women, just long hair is eminently, but for the rest of us, it should be done to improve some aspects of our day-to-day beauty routine. Whether it's using a different hairbrush, adjusting how often you use your hairdryer, adding vitamins to the mix, or sleeping on a silk pillow, several easy steps can be made to achieve long, shiny locks. Check out these pro tips to guide you in the right direction.

1. Get Consistent Trims 

This may seem counterproductive, but if you want long hair that is really healthy, then you need to get regular trims. "While haircuts don't make your hair grow any faster, they get rid of the split ends that break their hair.

Eliminating the breakage gives the impression that your hair is growing fast. After all, a split end that breaks can cause your hair to lose length - not to mention shine, volume, and smoothness. 

2. Resist the urge to be fair

As chic as platinum hair looks, moving from a darker shade to lighter blonde can stand between you and your longest possible hair. When the hair cuticle is damaged by bleach, you may have more breakage or split ends, that's why Use chemical less product for better hairs.

3. Distribute your hair's natural oils

Going to bed with tired hair may make you feel tired, but giving some sharp blows to your hair can be very good for your health. Use a hairbrush to properly distribute oils on your scalp and hair.

4. Eat the right foods

Having long, strong hair does not just depend on what products you apply to your hair; It also depends on what you put in your body. Quality hair growth needs healthy eating". Consume a high protein diet.

If you are not a meat-lover, you should still aim to maintain a diet high in protein. Women who do not get enough of it often experience "excess shedding". Proteins in foods as well as minerals such as vitamins A, C, and E, zinc, and iron, and omega-3 fatty acids can contribute to healthy hair.

5. Avoid Heat Styling Tools

Cut your hair off."You should then use heat, recommend reducing the expansive temperature and always using a heat protectant - otherwise, you risk damaging your hair, leading to breakage and frizz.

6. Skip Shampoo Daily

So far, you have attributed all the testimonials to great hair going, but do you know why it really helps your hair? Using shampoo two to three times a week hydrates your hair and repair it.

7. Add a Vitamin to Your AM Routine

If your diet is not providing you with enough nutrition, then a supplement can make a world of difference. They contain important vitamins such as biotin and C and B vitamins that support hair health."
Bonus: You can get better skin in the process!

8. Finish your shower with a cold rinse

A super steamy shower is not bad for your skin - it is on your hair too. Fold downwards when cleaning water temperature. Strengthen your hair by rinsing with cold water.

9. Careful with wet hairs

Hair is particularly susceptible to breakage when wet, but if you must get a few lumps after a shower, be sure to use a brush that will run easily on your strand. It's important to use a wet brush.

Start from the bottom and reach upward slowly. And don't just brush the top layer - brush the bottom hair too well. If traditional brushes are not for you, choose a wide-toothed comb instead.

10. Start using Minoxidil

The active ingredient, minoxidil, helps prevent hair loss and promotes hair regrowth. For a more targeted solution, choose Hers 2% Minoxidil Topical Solution and use the dropper applicator to focus on more important critical areas.

11. Stop trendy cleaning

Diet companies may try to convince you that a "cleanse" will change your whole life, but many hair experts do not recommend using trendy cleansing.

12. Sleep on a silk pillow

Getting better hair in your sleep is possible - all you need is switch up your pillowcase. Silk is easy on hair - it helps avoid tangles and breakage. The shorter your hair breakage experience, the longer your hair will be.

13. Pay attention to your hair

Initially, it is easy to see shiny hair and assume that a product is working for you, but experts recommend to keep a close eye. What the formula is doing for your skin, generally what it's doing for your hair. Does it make your skin feel dry, stripped, heavy, waxy, sticky or greasy? Or does it feel soft, hydrated, silky and supple?" Treat your hair the way you would treat your skin - after all, it is another part of you! If your hair follicles are closed and congested, there is no way it can grow efficiently.

Handle your hair with care and be patients. If you follow the methods mentioned above, you are more likely to see result soon. And if you are suffering from dandruff you can visit our article "How to get rid of dandruff".

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