What is personal grooming and Its Importance | Learn Self Grooming

What is personal grooming and Its Importance | Learn Self Grooming

We all know that the first impression is the last impression. This has been proven and accepted for a long time. Whenever we meet any person for the very first time, the first thing we notice is the appearance of that person. A well-groomed person looks good, confident and attractive.

Let's take an example, it is two-person, Person A who is well-groomed, smelling elegant,  and refreshed. On the other hand person, B has not taken a bath for 3 days, smelling like a rotten egg and is looking tired and awful. Now the question arises if you have to choose between these two for a date whom will you choose? Exactly Person A, because we all love to meet and greet a person who is charming,  confident and well-groomed. 

what is grooming

What is Personal Grooming?

Personal Grooming or self grooming is an act in which a person practices well maintained hygiene, proper dressing with proper hairstyle and beard. Grooming makes a person confident, look attractive and impressive. The way you carry your look matters the people surrounded by you and the person who is engaged with you in day to day life.

These are the little and simple ways in which a person can groom himself and can look more attractive and charming.

1. Shower Daily 

what is grooming

Taking shower daily flushes the sweat, open skin pores, makes the person refreshed and energetic. Shower removes all the dirt from the body and refreshes the skin and makes you look more refreshed. A person can bath twice a day before going to work and after getting back home which can be considered for better results.

2. Wear a Cologne

what is grooming

Wearing a cologne makes people more confident and it attracts another person around you. Might be it is no big deal for you to concern about the way you smell but it makes a huge impact on the people around you as people get attracted to nice fragrance.

3. Have well-trimmed beard

what is grooming

No matter how your beard is,  either they are patchy or the are long but they should be well-trimmed. A well-trimmed beard makes your face look clean and attractive. If a person has patchy beards that are not at all maintained, it may give a wrong impression no matter what else he has done for grooming.

4. Wear clean clothes

what is grooming

No matter which style you opt either it is casual, formal or semi-formal always wear clean cloth. A non branded clean cloth is always more attractive than a tore, dirty branded cloth. Always dress according to the event you are going to or if you are in the office dress accordingly. This makes you look vibrant and responsible and defines you as colorful minded.

5. Keep the small thing in mind

There are several things that look very small regarding looks but make a bad impression if not maintained like long nails, yellow teeth, cracked heels. These are the thing which is too small to notice but should be maintained regularly. This works can be carried out periodically once a week or twice a week.

So these were several tasks which can be easily added to a person's daily routine which can create a huge impact regarding your personality. A well-groomed man is respected everywhere and always confident and attractive. 

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