what are the benefits of yoga : 15 benefits of yoga for health

What are the benefits of yoga: 15 benefits of yoga for health

Yoga is considered as one of the methods to achieve a healthy body and healthy mind. Yoga is being practiced in this world from thousands of year and it is well agreed by everyone. Yoga is an exercise that is carried on the plane ground without the use of any equipment. It may be aerobic, anaerobic or weight training.


There are many benefits of yoga from mental health to cardiovascular health. Yoga helps you to maintain weight or lose weight, makes you discipline, energetic and much more. Here are the several benefits of yoga.

Benefits of Yoga

1. Yoga makes you flexible


One of the major benefits of yoga is that it makes you very flexible. You can see the result after few days of starting yoga as on the very first day of yoga you will notice that you can not touch your feet properly or you may feel discomfort but as you go on doing it regularly you will find your body more flexible and also you will notice that the pain while doing yoga is gone.

2. Yoga Protects your spine


Yoga comprises of many bending techniques like forwarding bending, backward bending, twists and much more. This bending exercises train your spinal disks which act as shock absorbers between your vertebrae. The proper training of spinal disks helps you to strengthen your spine and protects them.

3. Yoga Increases your blood flow


Yoga regulates blood flow in the body. The aerobic exercise in yoga helps the body to provide more oxygen to blood cells which makes them work properly. The twist and turns in yoga wring out the venous blood and again supply the oxygenated blood when the twist is over. Proper blood flow in the body lowers the risk of blood clotting which is a very dangerous problem.

4. Builds muscle strength


Yoga builds muscle strength. Muscle strength helps us to cope up with problems arising due to age factors. Strong muscle prevents a problem like arthritis, back pain, and other muscular pains. Yoga provides muscle strength along with flexibility which is quite hard to achieve through other exercises.

5. Perfects your posture


A healthy body needs a healthy posture. Incorrect posture can lead to severe problems like back pain, neck pain, and joint problems. Yoga gives you proper posture and a good toning to your body which appears to be more appealing.

6. Strengthen your bones 

As we all know weight lifting exercise strengthens our bone health and makes them strong. There are certain poses in yoga that require you to lift your own weight. This type of exercise gives strength to your bones and me makes them strong.

7. Yoga Ups your Heart-Rate


Many yoga exercises are aerobic in nature, which means that they require you to inhale and exhale oxygen during the exercise. This aerobic yoga asana makes your heart rate to match to the aerobic level and ups your heart rate. This proper regulation of oxygen and a good heart rate reduces the risk of a heart attack.

8. Keeps allergies and viruses far from you

One of the parts of yoga is to practice cleansing your body from inside. This is achieved by aerobic exercises that clean your blood and lungs, or from Jala neti in which salt water is entered through the nose and cleans the unwanted viruses and stop mucus building. Yoga also helps you to clean your intestine and helps in the excretion of unwanted wastes.

9. Yoga Eases your pain

Studies have found that yoga can ease your back pain, neck pain, and arthritis. Yoga strengthens your muscles and joints which can reduce the pain due to age factor. It also reduces bone-related pain by strengthening them.

10. Makes you active 


Regular performing of any exercise can make you feel free, active and enthusiastic. If you train your muscles regularly they tend to work more effectively and more energetic. Yoga also reduces stress, free your mood and makes you tension free.

11. Prevents digestive problems

Yoga helps you to easily regulate foods and waste products through the intestine and other digestive organs. proper excretion of waste material from the body reduces the risk of bowel and colon cancer. Yoga also reduces stress which sometimes causes irritated bowel movement and constipation.

12. Lowers blood sugar


Diabetes is a major problem among these days and there is no proper cure for this problem. The most effective way to deal with this problem is to control your sugar level. Yoga helps you to control your sugar level by maintaining insulin levels. Maintaining your blood sugar level helps you to prevent heart attack, blindness, and kidney related problems

13 Helps you in weight loss


Yoga is an exercise and while doing any exercise we need to burn calories. Doing yoga regularly will make your body burn calories regularly which at the end result in fat burn and weight loss. It is quite a slow process to burn fat through yoga but it is a process that does not have side- effects or neither it requires any supplements to burn fat.

14. Boost immune system

Yoga boosts your immune system by maintaining proper blood flow levels, Excreating waste material, maintaining a healthy heart rate and also making you more energetic. A healthy immune system is a root for a healthy and disease-free body. It saves you from a variety of diseases from happening or it reduces the effects of disease already happened.

15. Inner Strenght and Mental peace


Regular yoga in the morning makes you refresh, discipline, stress-free and healthy. These are the necessary element of life which give you mental peace and inner strength throughout the day. A free mind and a healthy body give you confidence and energy to deal with daily life problems.

So these were the several benefits of yoga. A person doing yoga regularly can see a major change in his mind as well as physical life. 30 - 45 min of yoga in the morning is sufficient for a person to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind. You can let us know your views on the comment section and also tell us the topic in which you want us to write. That's it.

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