How to stop periods immediately | 6 Effective ways to stop periods

How to stop periods immediately | 6 Effective ways to stop periods

A normal question that arises during the period days of a girl is how to stop your periods?
or how to stop your periods from coming?. But it is not totally true to stop periods bleeding
or to stop periods immediately. But you can make your period end faster or you can try to stop periods after it has started. There are many answers for "how to end your period faster". Below are listed some ways for How to stop periods.

How to stop periods immediately

How to stop your period naturally

By exercising

Believe it or not, you can stop periods through regular exercise.Your thickness partly determines the length of the menstrual cycle and the amount of liquid. Women who are slightly fat and have high body fat often have severe and painful, more extended and heavy menstruation. For this reason, it is necessary to recreate yourself regularly even during menstruation.
If you have a lot of pain during menstruation, it certainly will not work, but if you feel well enough to exercise, it will reduce the duration and more importantly, the body by exercising Will help increase blood circulation. In reducing menstrual cramps.

By sexual intercourse

Making love will definitely help you feel better during menstruation. If slightly dilated blood does not bother you, it is recommended to have intercourse during a period. Stimulants will promote blood flow to the genitals, which means that you will have fewer problems with cramps.

Sex will also help you to feel better, but sometimes it can shorten the period and stop the period due to circulation.

Drink plenty of water

Proper hydration of the body is necessary at any moment in life, but in this case, it can help to reduce or prevent periods. Large amounts of water during menstruation will also reduce swelling and cramps.

In addition to proper hydration, you should avoid fizzy drinks and too much caffeine as they will be partially responsible for increasing cramps during menstruation.


Many medicinal plants can help control periods. Chest or wild pepper is an excellent herb that can help shorten the menstrual cycle.

It works in a way that regulates hormones that are responsible for ovulation and duration. In addition, raspberry tea is famous for shortening the duration.

The kitty plant is also perfect for controlling hormones affecting the period, so if you want to shorten or stop a period, this may be the right choice.


How to stop period through medical methods

Contraceptive pills

Contraceptive pills are known to reduce cramps during menstruation and to successfully reduce menstrual periods.
Also, menstruation will be less abundant if you drink the pill. Before taking the pill, it is advised to consult a doctor.


Cup for menstruation

The cup for the period is a flexible cup that we insert into the vagina during menstruation, and it serves to collect menstrual blood. It is usually made of silicone and can be used multiple times. In the market, there are cups that we can use only once.

For periods, the cap is much more comfortable than a conventional tampon and is usually too shallow in the vagina. Much better absorption or more menstruation fit into the blood in a cap for the duration.

Studies have shown that wearing a menstrual cup during menstruation reduces heavy bleeding and shortens your period.
All these methods, which we have mentioned in the article, are working from one person to another. Will affect something in a way that will significantly reduce menstrual bleeding; While others will stop the period entirely. Definitely, it would be best to solve this problem before the period starts. Because it is the safest period for such a thing as the disposal of the menstrual cycle.

Duration of the period is usually achieved with the help of hormonal pills which, when using them, prevent the onset of the cycle. Anything that requires the use of medical supplements should not be taken on your own. It should be once reviewed by a doctor.

It is also important to know that any interruption or postponement of periods is not really healthy for your body. Therefore, if it is necessary, do not try to repeat it more than twice a year. 
This was it for how to stop a period. You can also check out our article on How to make your period come faster.

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  1. I like the second method of making intercourse during perods.
    This is very helpful method as my gf tried this. This is her personal recommendation to follow this step.