what is a shin splint ? All you Need to know

what is a shin splint ? All you Need to know

what is a shin splint?

Shin splints is swelling of muscle along the front of the lower leg. This pain mainly affects is the lower leg between the knee and ankle bone. In medical language, it is also called medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS).

Shin splints frequently affect people who are a beginner or do heavy physical activity. This can happen due to

  • 1) Doing physical exercise without stretching or warming.
  • 2) Using ill-fit shoes for running and exercise.
  • 3) Weak leg muscles and bones.
  • 4) You have flat feet.

Shin splints are caused by stress on the shinbone and the tissues between your muscles and the bone.


  • pain develops during exercise
  • pain in the lower leg
  • muscular pain
  • pain in leg
  • swelling in the lower part of the leg 


  • Take Rest.
  • Use ice packs on the pain area.
  • Use painkillers if necessary.
  • Do less footwork until the pain goes.


  • Use quality footwear which is comfortable.
  • Don't go over the limit exercise in one day.
  • Do more strength training.
  • Prefer soft surface.
Exercise can be resumed soon when the pain goes off. shin splints are common and can be treated with proper rest and can be avoided by taking certain preventions. So this was all about what is a shin splint 

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